Island Rewards/Points:


Island Rewards Information:

*Starts 07/16/2013

What are Island Rewards? Island Rewards is our way of showing appreciation to our great customers. It’s completely free and you are automatically enrolled when you create an account with Anime Island. Customers who checkout as a guest (aka: do not sign in before checkout) and do not create an account during checkout will not earn Island Rewards on their purchases (i.e. People who either; skip the long checkout and/or use PayPal Express or Google buttons without signing into the site first)

How do the Island Rewards work? Customers will earn rewards on every purchase they make. For every dollar you spend you will earn a 3% reward as store credit. Shipping cost & tax are regrettably not included in the rewards earned from purchases. You can use the rewards to towards future purchases.

How many Island Rewards do I need to earn a cash credit? There is no minimum requirement or threshold. If you purchase something that costs $1.00, you will be awarded $0.03 as store credit a month later.

How can I see my Island Rewards balance? You can check your spendable rewards balance at any time by logging in to your account through and under Store Credit (right side under Manage your account) it will show the current amount you have (example: You have $12.14 of store credit.). To check on your pending rewards balance use the tool/widget below for an estimate of your pending rewards.


How do I use my Island Rewards? To use them, simply place your order and you will be able to choose store credit as the payment method when it comes time to pay for your order. (Do not use PayPal or Google Express payment buttons as the credit may not show up)

When can I use my pending rewards? Your earned rewards are issued as store credit every month after the order ships (so keep in mind pre-orders that release months from now will be awarded points when that item ships not a month after you place the order).

Do Island Rewards ever expire? Your points will expire if your account is inactive for more than 12 months from your last order with us.

Do I get to keep my Island Rewards if I return/cancel my order? We really wish you could, but sadly we will deduct Island Rewards for any returned or cancelled items.

What will happen to my Island Rewards if I make an exchange? Your rewards difference will be added or subtracted from your account balance, depending on the exchange, if it is an equal exchange (exact item for exact item) nothing happens as the value was the same.

Is there anything I can do to earn more Island Rewards? Yes! We will occasionally have Double Island Rewards events or specials. As a valued customer/member you will be notified of these special events via email before the general public.

Can I transfer my Island Rewards? No, you cannot transfer the rewards, but you may use them toward purchasing something for someone else as a gift or similar and pay any difference owed.

If I pre-order an item and only put down 20% do I still earn Island Rewards on the 80% balance payment later? You bet! The system is setup so that any pre-order you made will count even if you only put down 20% and the later balance will also count toward the rewards. The rewards for the balance will not be rewarded of course until after that portion is paid.

*Bulk orders/Dealer discounted orders do not receive Island Rewards.

**Island Rewards/Points start on any order placed after July 16th 2013. Orders placed before the start date of July 16th 2013 will not be applicable and cannot be modified or re-done to receive rewards.