Leo's Glint -Leo Aiolia- "Saint Seiya" Bandai D.D. Panoramation

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Leo's Glint -Leo Aiolia- "Saint Seiya", Bandai D.D. Panoramation Hot on the heels of the previous two D.D. Panoramation figures (Pegasus and Gemini Saga) comes Leo Aiolia, expanding your display possibilities all the more! This new series of 10cm mini-figures and custom backdrops is like art in the palm of your hand. It’s a total re-definition of action figure style! Recreate key scenes, or make your own. Set includes Leo Aiolia, two exchangable expressions, bangs for when not wearing a mask, swappable left and right hands, two hand-holding variations, “lightning plasma” effect part, large stand, small stand, two broken pillars, stairs, clips (small), and “structure parts” (on sprue).


Item Code: BAN06235

UPC: 4549660062356