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 Pre-Order, Refunds & Returns, Shipping, Gift/Customs Taxes , Rewards/Points


Your privacy is very important to us. Except for cases where we comply with a lawful demand for information by law enforcement authorities, or attempt to secure relief in cases of customer fraud (such as credit card "chargebacks"), Anime Island will never disclose any personal information you provide us (such as your name, shipping address, e-mail address or telephone number), or any information related to your purchase history with us to any third parties.


We accept most major Credit Cards (First Data & Authorize.net), Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, PayPal & Money Orders/Certified Checks.

*To Pay with Credit Card, Amazon Payments, or PayPal choose the "Proceed to checkout" button in your cart. To use Google Checkout, click on the "Google Checkout" tab in your cart.

Depending on which option you choose to use for payment to Anime Island, you may or may not have your credit card show that it was from either Anime Island or EZTV Audio business names or that it was from Google/Amazon/PayPal etc. this is normal for a multi-checkout website and if there is any questions please contact us first to see if it was our charge before disputing it. Also if you chose Regular Checkout, which had the header Anime Island / EZTV & Audio expect the credit card charge to definately show up as either EZTV & Audio or Anime Island since we have more than one website and use the same processors for all of them.

**To Pay with Money Order or Certified Check - Email us before placing an order. We will manually enter your order and forward your details where to mail the payment. 

Money Orders or Certified/Cashier's Checks. Have Money Order/Check made payable to Anime Island. If an order is made via Money Order or Certified Check, the ordered item will not be 100% confirmed until payment arrives. If 2 weeks (14 days) have passed since the order was placed and payment has not arrived to us, the order will be cancelled. Should the payment show up after that date, we will reinstate the order/pre-order if quanties are left to do so. 

***This is for any Central and South American customers (or anyone getting an error from PayPal) having issues paying or purchasing something using PayPal to pay.

PayPal express checkout has issues with customers who have Central and South American addresses. They have their forms translated (into Spanish and Portuguese) and they put the state/zip code in a different place than US/European ones and it causes their system to state this error when payment is sent for - "The field Shipping Address State is required." Now this error only sends to us worded as such, but may show up as "Your order details are incomplete or invalid." for customers trying to checkout using PayPal. Even though you have the state/address info included. We have done our own tests and called PayPal many times but the error still continues and they do nothing to fix it. So if this error happens to you, just email us and we will double check that this is the cause (and not payment forms/funds error from PayPal), if it is the issue we can send a direct Invoice thru PayPal to the customer/You. This way it circumvents the address issue/error and payment will go thru no issue.

*Should you have a question about a payment or making a payment/balance due payment early, please email: accounting@anime-island.com

Returns & Refunds:

If you contact us first, we always accept requests to return saleable-condition merchandise for any reason if made within 10 days of its delivery to you. "Saleable" condition means the item is in like-new condition with all parts and components present, that it's packed exactly as packed by the manufacturer, and there is no damage to the outer package. Opened "blister pack," "blister card" or sealed "blind box" (collection-type/gashapon/capsule toy items) merchandise which cannot be opened without cutting or tearing the package or its seal may not be returned. Please note, however, that unless the return is necessary because of a shipping error or defective merchandise, the cost of returning the product to us is your responsibility. Contact us at returns@anime-island.com for our instructions before returning any merchandise, regardless of the reason.

If a return becomes necessary due to a mistake in shipping, shipping damage or a defect in the product, we will compensate you for the shipping charges to return the item to "US" if you ship the item as directed by us. All claims for returns or refunds due to shipping damage or manufacturing defects must be made within 10 days of its delivery to you. We do not refund the cost of shipping you paid when you originally ordered the item, unless; a.) the product was damaged/defective and we cannot send you a replacement, or b.) we shipped you an item in error aka wrong item/s, size, quantity, color, etc. We reserve the right to reject claims of manufacturing defects on mechanical items (R/C cars, battery-operated toys, etc.) in cases of obvious user abuse.

If you are requesting or receiving a refund from us, please check the policy of the payment option you have chose to originally pay with as some companies will not let us directly refund your payment at all or after 30 days and may charge not only us but you a refund fee. For instance PayPal after 30 days will charge you a 3.19% fee and makes us send the refund as a payment to you, this is their policy not ours. Their reason for this is that they get charged a fee from the credit card company when they initially charged the transaction and that is now money lost and so the refund must be a new transaction for which they want to charge a new fee again. If there are any questions about refunds or fees from Amazon, Google, PayPal, or our own processor please ask us first.

*If you think a product description is not explanatory enough or does not answer a question you have about an item, simply ask us by emailing us at either sales@anime-island.com!!! We're always happy to answer any questions you have about products prior to your placing an order. Because of this, please understand that we will not pay for a return of merchandise simply because it was not what you expected.

Square Enix product issues/defective or broken figures: See here for how to handle problems with your Square Enix figure. (http://www.anime-island.com/square-enix-defects-issues/)

Ask us before you order if you have any doubts about what you're buying!


While we accept customers' cancellations of all or part of their order at any time prior to shipping, we ask that you keep cancellations to a minimum by avoiding heat-of-the-moment orders and making sure that you really want something before you click the "Add to Cart" button.  Overstocks due to customer cancellations affect our ability to offer great prices, so this is in everybody's interest!  We reserve the right to limit or close the accounts of customers who abuse the cancellation policy, or abandon shippable orders without submitting remaining payment. Cancellations of Pre-orders are addressed in the Pre-order Policy section below.


We ship from the United States (Arizona/Los Angeles for domestic orders and Pennsylvania for international orders), so for American customers our shipping will be much cheaper than buying our Japanese items directly from Japan. We for the most part within the continental United States we ship USPS, unless an item is too large/heavy for USPS at which time we will ship via FedEx/UPS. We do offer shipping from both USPS and FedEx. Sometimes out of choice we automatically ship via FEDEX/UPS or FedEx SmartPost (Ships out FedEx and is delivered USPS), if shipping FedEx/UPS is an issue for you or your address, state so in instructions section in the shopping cart. If we need to ship FedEx/UPS because of size of the order or item (lots of items/heavy weight/expensive price), we may notify you in advance and send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping difference (we try to estimate the item size/weight the best we can but sometimes we are off a little). Once you have paid the difference then the item will be shipped. Until that time the items will lay in wait until such payment is made to cover shipping costs. Normally most items will not have an issue going USPS first and foremost to many parts of the US/World, but we mention the possible use of FedEx/UPS in case your order/item is very large or expensive.

Shipping Choices:

----> To check on shipping costs, you can add any item to our cart, then go to the cart directly click “View or Edit Cart” and click “Estimate Shipping” , then input country, state and postal code. Then click Estimate shipping again to see the prices. You can do this with different combinations of figures. If you have 2 or more shipped the total price divided by two+ pieces is cheaper per piece. We do not have a shipping chart as we try our best to get all size/weight info up front from the company when we list it, this way you can add any item/s to cart and check it any time.

Within the Continental United States, Alaska & Hawaii:

USPS Standard Post: Basic ground/boat shipping with tracking. We usually only ship this way if the address is a Military address and the item is large.

USPS Priority: Usually the cheapest option for US customers for smaller items, arrives in 2-5 business days and has tracking and insurance.

Fedex SmartPost: A low cost option for items under 5pounds within the USA. Takes longer than ground and is delivered thru the US postal service. Can be shipped to P.O> Boxes.

Fedex/UPS Ground: Insured up to $100.00 USD (based on item value) and arrives normally with 2-7 days with tracking.

Fedex 2nd Day & Next Day/Express: This is the fastest shipping types we have, normally shows up in 1-2 days depending on option chosen. Has tracking and insured up to full value of figure no matter the price or number of figures. If this is placed on a pre-order when your item arrives it will go out shipped as 2Day or Express/Overnight how you paid.

For International customers:

USPS First Class: This is similar to SAL service from Japanese dealers, Rates have recently been raised by USPS, but this is still the cheapest option for orders going overseas. This service offers limited tracking while in the USA (except Canada, this now tracks all the way thru), but tracking number becomes the customs number in your home country to reference thru your local customs. Note: the tracking will show the last point in the USA, then within 2-3 days it will have already arrived in your country, but will be in the hands of your local customs department. Any delays after that are on their end and cannot be controlled by USPS or Anime Island. Normal delivery time is within 20 business days for most customers, but there have been cases where customers had to wait 60+days for an item. Once again we cannot control your local customs and any questions referenceing the package should be asked of your local post office or customs department.

USPS Priority: This is equal to most Air-Mail services offered by japanese dealers. This service is more expensive than First Class but comes with free insurance up to $50 USD, has tracking all the way thru, and arrives much quicker, for most countries within 6-10 business days. There have been exceptions where it has taen longer, but nothing like the max limits of First Class. Some countries put limits on max sizes of boxes (see image below on how to figure out the sizes) going this service and so they sometimes must be mailed Express even if the built in US Postal Service calculator quoted Priority. As an example, the max Priority Shipment "Girth plus Length" for say Australia is 79"inches, so no matter how we pack some items they cannot ship this way. If you have a question about a very large item you want to order and it's shipping cost/choice, email us first. Also see this page for each countries limits: http://pe.usps.com/text/imm/ab_toc.htm

USPS Express/EMS: This is equal to EMS shipping offered by Japanese dealers. This is by far the fastest service, with arrival times under 6 business days (some places arrive in 1-2 days), full tracking and insured up to $500.00 (goes by figure value). This service also covers the largest items we may sell that cannot be shiped any other way.

*Some P.O./Post Office BOX Addresses and APO/FPO/Military Addresses may incur extra charges if the item needs to be shipped a certain way. Please let us know if there are any special instructions needed and we will requote if needed.

We will process your order for shipping if either (a) all items on your order are available, or (b) more than two months have passed since you placed the order and one or more items are available, or (c) you request shipping of available items. Backordered items will remain on your order until you cancel them yourself, or we become convinced that an item will not be available for the foreseeable future and cancel it ourselves. You will be informed in an e-mail from us if this happens. When processing any given order for shipping, we will also check any other order(s) you have placed with us, and add any shippable items from that order(s) to the shipping order.

**Generally we ship most items on the next full business day, unless an item is restocking (if something is needed especially fast ask us about it first). If an item is needed extremely fast or you forgot your best friend’s birthday and it is a few days away, do not choose normal shipping, your item will not arrive for 3-5 business days, well past your friend’s birthday, either email us or just choose a quicker shipping method. If an item is in stock and you have paid for express/2 day/overnight shipping your item will go out the exact same day you place the order, if the order was placed before 3pm EST (Eastern Standard time) otherwise it will ship the very next business day. We do ship on Saturdays and Sundays (yes logistics never stops) so even if you placed the order on a Thursday and you think we did not ship it by the weekend, you may be wrong. We generally have shipments going out at 5am Sunday mornings and this means you will get your item as if it shipped on a Friday.

***For International customers; we will no longer be able to ship a package as a gift. Too many customers have had items held in customs for extended periods of time as certain countries have flagged our business address because we ship so many "gifts" to their country. This has resulted in some packages being sent back to us without the customer even being contacted by their countries customs department/post office to make a customs fee payment or pick up their package. So to make sure all orders/shipments arrive without delay, we will only be able to declare lower values for customers. We apologize for this change but it seems certain countries are inclined to make sure they are making money off all imported items. So going forward we will declare lower values as we have been doing. Let us know in your order comments section if there is a special declared value need.   

****Also for International customers, your item may not ship right away as we most times need to transfer your item from our US fulfillment center to our international warehouse in Pa. to do customs forms and packaging. We also do generally take a few extra days before we ship an item out even if it is in stock, since we bubble wrap each individual item and put cushioning material around the item to make sure the figure does not get damaged. If you need the figure faster we do of course offer expedited shipping and we will try to get it out ASAP if this is chosen. Otherwise please expect a few days wait time until we ship the item. We of course do not want a customer to receive a damaged item so this is in everybody's interest. 

*IF you have questions about shipping, either contact us via the Contact US page or email us here: shipping@anime-island.com

Problem Resolution:

Anime Island /Imaganimation is committed to customer service and will promptly address any customer claims of shipping errors, damage, defects, missing items, etc. if we are contacted within 15 days of delivery at shipping@anime-island.com Missing shipments are also replaced or refunds issued if our designated delivery period passes without your taking delivery of your order. Because we're committed to helping you, under no circumstances should you ever contact your credit card company or PayPal to dispute charges from Anime Island/EZTV without contacting us first. We will solve all genuine customer service problems through refunds, reshipments, discounts or whatever else it takes to reach a fair solution to the problem, and that's our promise! But it's your job to tell us a problem has occurred. As such, not only will we vigorously contest any credit card "chargebacks" (refusals to pay) filed by customers or complaints with PayPal, but such customers may be blacklisted from using our service, meaning we will accept no further orders from them, ever.

**Pre-Orders Policies/Options:

All pre-orders dates are estimates as we cannot control delays from manufacturers or delays in shipment. The date we have posted is an estimate based on the Japanese release date of the item then it's transport via cargo ship across the pacific. Normally this takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks to arrive. This is why our release dates do not coincide with Japanese release dates. If there are any questions on this, email us first at sales@anime-island.com

*[Pay in Full Option] If all you are getting is pre-order item[s] you can choose to pay for them in full up front. Once we receive the item in stock, we will ship it out to you right away. Basically - you order, you pay, it comes and we ship. This option is available for all payment options. Certain Payment options will be listed as Sale Completed, even though item may have not even arrived in stock for us to ship. We will email you the tracking info once the item is shipped.

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-order items that are paid for in full up front are given priority should allocations occur. We do not run open ended pre-order programs (meaning take as many orders as possible and hope we get the items) like our Japanese counterparts. So we have never had to do allocations and expect it to never happen since we only list the exact amount of items we ordered for pre-order.

PLEASE NOTE: In the rare case that allocations should occur and we would be unable to fulfill your order, we will refund your deposit plus the shipping charges in full.

*[Deposit 20% Option] If all you are getting is pre-order item[s] you can make a 20% non-refundable deposit for them and we issue you an invoice for remaining balance due when item comes in stock. To use this option you MUST choose the “Deposit 20% for Pre-order” button above the items “ADD To Cart” button. When you do this, the price on the item will lower by 80% to the pre-order deposit amount. {example: Price was $39.42, you click “Deposit 20% Tab” and now price shows $7.88, and the difference of $31.54 will be due when item becomes in stock to ship to you}

PLEASE NOTE: When you choose the “Deposit 20%” option, the system will still charge you the shipping FEE of your choice in advance, there is no way around this, as we made the balance due a Pre-order-SKU (Per example above, the $31.54 remaining Balance item) for each individual item when it arrives in stock to cover everyone from all over and it does not allow shipping charges/modifications. So when the item becomes available for shipment, your shipping will be already paid in advance and you will only owe balance on figure price.

*[Mixed Pre-order/In-Stock] If you are purchasing more than just pre-order items you have to pay for the pre-order item[s] along with the rest of the order. If you place an order for an in stock item along with other items that are pre-orders, the order probably will not ship until all items are in stock, or we may ship at our option in multiple shipments. You may at any time request your in-stock shipments be sent for a small shipping fee; however, you will not be charged for partial shipments made at our discretion.

** International pre-orders should be submitted separately from in stock items unless you wish to either (a) wait until the pre-order item[s] arrives and ship everything together OR (b) you wish to pay for each shipment as the stock arrives. In stock items and pre-ordered items for International orders with pre-ordered items will be held up to, but no longer than 3 months for shipments if they are paid in full in advance. If the pre-orders span longer than 3 months you need to break up the orders and/or be prepared to pay for separate shipments. If they are not paid in full in advance we will charge payment for each item as they arrive in stock. Each shipment for international orders must be paid separately. Please make a note of your wishes when placing your International order if this applies to you. International customers are always responsible for the shipping fees of EACH shipment, no exceptions. There is no free shipping on any shipment for International orders, ever.

*** Pre-orders can be canceled at any time whether you pay in full or not. If you paid in full and cancel the pre-order item[s] you will be charged a 20% cancellation fee. Pre-orders canceled that have only been charged the 20% deposit will simply be canceled, with the deposit fee NOT refunded. Orders can be cancelled within 7 days of original order and will be refunded 100% (as long as it is not a habit). Cancellation of pre-order items must be made by email.

Open Box/Damaged item Policy:

Open Box/Damaged items cannot be returned or exchanged. Open Box/Damaged items are sold as is and are described to the best of our ability. There is no further discount available on these items.

Pre-order & In Stock items cannot be mixed or combined with open box/ damaged items in the same order in an order as they ship from separate warehouses.

If an order for an Open Box/Damaged item is placed and it contains a pre-order/in stock item on the same order, the customer will be responsible for an additional shipping fee for the Open Box/Damaged item, which will be collected before any item in the order can ship.


Island Rewards Information:

*Starts 7/16/2013

What are Island Rewards? Island Rewards is our way of showing appreciation to our great customers. It’s completely free and you are automatically enrolled when you create an account with Anime Island. Customers who checkout as a guest (aka: do not sign in before checkout) and do not create an account during checkout will not earn Island Rewards on their purchases (i.e. People who either; skip the long checkout and/or use PayPal Express or Google buttons without signing into the site first)

How do the Island Rewards work? Customers will earn rewards on every purchase they make. For every dollar you spend you will earn a 3% reward as store credit. Shipping cost & tax are regrettably not included in the rewards earned from purchases. You can use the rewards to towards future purchases.

How many Island Rewards do I need to earn a cash credit? There is no minimum requirement or threshold. If you purchase something that costs $1.00, you will be awarded $0.03 as store credit a month later.

How can I see my Island Rewards balance? You can check your spendable rewards balance at any time by logging in to your account through www.anime-island.com and under Store Credit (right side under Manage your account) it will show the current amount you have (You have $4,971.14 of store credit.). To check on your pending rewards balance use the tool/widget below for an estimate of your pending rewards.


How do I use my Island Rewards? To use them, simply place your order and you will be able to choose store credit as the payment method when it comes time to pay for your order. (Do not use PayPal or Google Express payment buttons as the credit may not show up)

When can I use my pending rewards? Your earned rewards are issued as store credit every month.

Do Island Rewards ever expire? Your points will expire if your account is inactive for more than 12 months from your last order with us.

Do I get to keep my Island Rewards if I return/cancel my order? We really wish you could, but sadly we will deduct Island Rewards for any returned or cancelled items.

What will happen to my Island Rewards if I make an exchange? Your rewards difference will be added or subtracted from your account balance, depending on the exchange, if it is an equal exchange (exact item for exact item) nothing happens as the value was the same.

Is there anything I can do to earn more Island Rewards? Yes! We will occasionally have Double Island Rewards events or specials. As a valued customer/member you will be notified of these special events via email before the general public.

Can I transfer my Island Rewards? No, you cannot transfer the rewards, but you may use them toward purchasing something for someone else as a gift or similar and pay any difference owed.

If I pre-order an item and only put down 20% do I still earn Island Rewards on the 80% balance payment later? You bet! The system is setup so that any pre-order you made will count even if you only put down 20% and the later balance will also count toward the rewards. The rewards for the balance will not be rewarded of course until after that portion is paid.

*Bulk orders/Dealer discounted orders do not receive Island Rewards.

**Island Rewards/Points start on any order placed after July 16th 2013. Orders placed before the start date of July 16th 2013 will not be applicable and cannot be modified or re-done to receive rewards.