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Search Issue


Currently Anime Island is experiencing a search issue where the results will not allow you to sort by price, newest, best selling etc. The results only show up in the form of relevance, and while this will still show all results, it may take you longer to find the item you are looking for if you search by single name only. 

We suggest until the issue is corrected by the techs who support our system to use as many terms as possible such as instead of searching for just Kancolle (which will return 38 results as of today; see below), search instead for the type of figure exactly or a figure's name, size, scale or action by adding the word to the series, an example of this would be Kancolle+figma (which would narrow the results down to 6 choices as of today; see below).

We apologize for any inconvience this has or will cause and hope to have it fixed asap. An as always thank you for choosing Anime Island! :)

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