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New Option / Feature:


Combine Pre-orders / Add figures to an existing order:

In an effort to make the adding of figures to an existing order or combining orders for more figures with an existing order that release similar times much easier, we ask that you pre-order the items / figures in a new separate order then email us the order number of the new order and ask us to combine it with the existing order (include that order number also). We will then combine the orders and refund shipping back the same way you paid for the new order (PayPal, Amazon, Credit card etc). This way a customer does not have to wait for us to email them back about a combination and possibly lose the figure or miss out on a pre-order offer. Note that when we combine orders, the shipping from all the figures are estimated and then what was paid is deducted and the remaining refunded. *EXAMPLE: This means if you ordered 2 figures in the first order and shipping was $8.60 and then order 1 more in the second order and the shipping was $7.20, we would combine the order and estimate the shipping based on weight and size for all three, this would result in new amount say $10.40, for which we would deduct the $7.20 & $8.60 already paid (total shipping paid between two orders $15.80) and owe you a refund of $5.40 , $15.80 paid - $10.40 cost = $5.40 overpayment which would be refunded (*remember this is only an example). Requests for such changes / combinations should be sent to Shipping@anime-island.com after the second order is placed.