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Figure release delays / changes


Lately numerous figures have been delayed by either the manufacturer or by the strikes at the ports of LA and Long Beach. The strikes at the port of LA and Long Beach are adding 2-4 more weeks onto any release dates for all our items from everyone and that includes Bandai, Kotobukiya, Good Smile, Square Enix and more and even other products that we do not sell like electronics, textiles, etc are all being held up, as these are the main ports into the USA from Asia. You can read about the work go-slow / strike in the article linked at the bottom.

Also the release dates we list are based on original release dates from each company, so if Good Smile tells us late April as a USA dealer release date for an item and then via their website all of a sudden delays the figures 2-3 months our release date will then become 8 weeks after the NEW Japanese release date. Basically releases in Japan Jan. 26th, we will receive it about 8 weeks later late March. Lately Good Smile has had an exorbitant amount of delays and it seems it has been due to issues with manufacturing, so this is something that is completely out of our control as we are simply a dealer selling their product not manufacturing it. Good Smile alone in one week delayed 18 figures 1-3 months delay depending on the figure and that was just 1 weekly change, we receive updates like this every month. So when ordering please be advised that if you are pre-ordering a Good Smile item it may end up delayed and the date we have listed on the figure's page originally is only based on what the company gives us. You can check back on each listing page as we update release dates when we receive notice of them.

Good Smile delay notice for just 1 week was 18 figures delayed:


West Coast Port Strikes:

http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/dea9672e-ad4e-11e4-a5c1-00144feab7de.html (we are not affiliated with this website and are only linking to it from a search on Google, feel free to search for strike west coast ports on your own if you do not agree with the views of this publication on other subjects)